💛I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!💛 Chapter 36

So here’s the chapter for today. Chapter 36! Woot woot! It’s an interesting chapter for sure. Also, don’t be disappointed just because there isn’t much action in it. From now on, all aboard the action train, I guess. Set up arc’s been finished a long time ago.

Also, please do support the patreon. 50% of the profits go to the author, which really is what motivates him to write these sorts of awesome stories. Would really appreciate it if you guys could dump more money on the guy. He really needs it.

💛I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!💛 Announcement

After talking things out with few of the readers, and after inspecting the novel for quite some time, I decided it would be best for the novel if I just took a week-long break to prepare for a mass release the following week.

The novel is basically an infodump from chapter 5-29. After that, there’s nonstop action, but… I’ve found that quite a lot of the readers I’ve talked to become increasingly unsatisfied with the long infodump that the novel is currently. If I were to translate further on a regular schedule, the hate would only increase, so I decided that it would be better to just stop publishing translations for a week altogether, so that I could release all the way up till chapter 29 after a week.

I apologize for the delay. I would’ve released on a regular schedule, but with the kind of comments I’ve been getting… It’s a little hard.