17k’s Demon Hunter Arrives on Wuxiaworld!

Hey guys, we were going to take a break from bringing on new projects, but this one is a bit of an exception! Team Pika (which most of you should know) has been working on Demon Hunter at the specific request of 17k, as this is one of their top novels and they wanted Wuxiaworld on this project. Much like Godsfall, this is a post-apocalyptic thriller which starts on a heavily irradiated Earth with lots of gun-fu, and quickly ramps up. Come and join us in reading, and a big thank you to Team Pika for the twenty chapters we are launching with!

GZ edit: BTW, this is the same author as Monarch of Evernight!

MGA Chapter 2290-2291 Release


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Ch. 1-2/21

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BEM Chapter 208


Chapter 208

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Current schedule: 6 chapters a week to match the author’s release rate.

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