Blue Phoenix Contest

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Blue Phoenix is coming to an end in a month’s time. Because of this, I would like to end this series that means so much to me with a contest!

Blue Phoenix was my very first work, and from the beginning, it has had a very basic summary, something which I fear will have chased quite a few readers away from my book.

This contest will be about writing a summary for each of the Blue Phoenix books, and each book will have a winner, with a total of eight winners.

The prizes are mugs with motifs of the characters from Blue Phoenix. The motifs are Lan Feng as a phoenix, Lan Feng in human shape, Hui Yue, Sha Yun, Huli and Wang Ju Long.

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~WDQK Chapter 1026~

~Chapter 1026~

Translated by Arron
Edited & TLCed by Law~

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