New DE Chapters Released! End of Book 33!

Hey guys, here are three chapters to round out book 33! The last chapter should’ve been next week, but Eternal Emperor Blackfish on Patreon decreed that we have an extra chapter this week and so it is out early. Happy reading! Book 34 is titled the ‘Stone Hellephant Wall’.

Book 33, Chapter 21 – Harvesting the Fruit
Book 33, Chapter 22 – Ji Ning’s Request
Book 33, Chapter 23 – Adventure’s End

New DE Chapters Released! Book 33, Chapters 5-6

Happy mooncake day (aka MidAutumn Festival), everyone! Hope you all had lots of mooncakes to eat, for those of you who are Asian, in Asia, or just like Asian holidays. My old man’s in town as well, having flown in from the States to celebrate. It’s nice seeing him!

Book 33, Chapter 5 – The Grovekeepers
Book 33, Chapter 6 – Command Seals

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