PTO Extra Story Chapter 1

Hey guys,

The author published an extra story consisting of 8 chapters. I haven’t read it but based on just chapter one, it is probably because he isn’t planning a sequel. But who knows?
In any case, I always welcome more PTO so I hope you enjoy this. I will be translating it slowly during my extra time, so there is no set schedule for the rest of the chapters.

Chapter 1

By the way, this chapter and all chapters of the extras will be unedited.

PTO Chapter 228 (COMPLETE!!)


Thank you to all the readers who stuck with this novel. Thank you to my editors Superposhposh and LD who helped out near the end. Praise the Orc was probably one of my favorite novels that I have translated so far. The author said that his next work won’t involve Crockta, but he does leave room for a sequel, so maybe he’ll come back to it later.

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PTO Chapter 219 & 220

Chapter 219

Chapter 220

Glossary of Common Korean Terms.

Praise the Orc: Glossary Link. 

Current schedule: There will now be 14 chapters a week, meaning two chapters every day.

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