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Dang it why are you keeping us on this stupid cliff I swear if there’s no good news I’m going to find you and I’m going to…

Hello everyone!

At the request of some of you guys, I put together a patreon page with some of the elements I noticed in the poll I put up previously. It seems like many of you want more regular chapters, and some of you wouldn’t mind advance chapters as well. (A lot of you didn’t now how you ended up on the strawpoll o.o wat)

The goals and rewards are still subjected to change, but it will remain quite similar to this structure for now. The patreon‘s goals and rewards will all go live in JULY.

In celebration of the release of the patreon page, there will be a regular chapter released every day until the end of June (6/19-30), so stay tuned for that~

If any of you have any suggestions, fire away!

Edit: It has been brought to my attention that some of you were been mislead with the title even though you can see the post under the perfect world dropdown. As such, I have changed the title of the post accordingly.

PW Chapter 309!

Muahahahahaha! Enjoy the cliffhanger while I rest for the rest of the week~

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