IGE Chapter 409 – 423

I’ve finally caught up!  I owe no more chapters, woooo (well, except for the 6 chapters for the end of this week xD). It’s been a long time, but I’ve finally upheld my promise to catch up to all chapters missed in my period of absence a couple of months ago. Thank you guys for the patience, and my apologies once again.


Here’s fourteen chapters friends 🙂

Note that there is a original raw numbering error again, where chapter 419 is skipped – i’ve double checked this is correct, there’s not much I can do :/

Chapter 409

Chapter 410

Chapter 411

Chapter 412

Chapter 413

Chapter 414

Chapter 415

Chapter 416

Chapter 417

Chapter 419

Chapter 420

Chapter 421

Chapter 422

Chapter 423


PS: Unrelated note: For those guys wondering about my other translation IDS and why I haven’t released any chapters yet for it – I’m currently in holiday in Japan for three weeks. Somehow it refuses to let me log onto the website from a non UK ip address – I’ve probably altered something in the security profile which has that setting Anyway, I won’t be able to release until I get back – which will be around 20th feb. However, expect all the chapters to be caught up – it’s done and edited, just can’t release it.


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IGE 401 – 405

Hey guy, here’s five chapters!


Chapter 401

Chapter 402

Chapter 403

Chapter 404

Chapter 405

Unfortunately not been able to catch up to missed chapters and managed to owe a further one 🙁 This week is looking fairly good for me however – hopefully this is the week where I finally manage to catch up to my debt. Expect another release in 2 days with more chapters

Number of chapters owed by the end of this week: 11

IGE – 398, 399, 400

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Here’s three more chapters. With this, I owe 4 chapters. Since the week have just ended, and refreshed, add six on so now I owe 10 chapters by the end of the next week. As stated, I will release as I get it translated, no more stockpiling for me…

Translator Note: I’ve double checked the raws and the sites – it seems the author has made an error in numbering the chapters. So the numbering system jumps from 379 ->>>398. The story continues, just a mistake in numbering. However I will have to keep it consistent with the raws, so apologies for the discontinuity in the numbering system.

Chapter 398

Chapter 399

Chapter 400





IGE 368 – 379

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Apologies for the sporadic updates – personal issues made me miss a couple of weeks of release two months ago and I’ve been playing catch up ever since then. Ren has spoken to me and convinced me that it is unfair for readers for me to release so infrequently- I will try to stop my stockpiling behaviour and tendency to mass release everything at once and release chapters as soon as I’ve got it translated from now on.  However, my promise is still that no chapters will get missed – any late releases will be made up in due course.

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Chapter 368

Chapter 369

Chapter 370

Chapter 371

Chapter 372

Chapter 373

Chapter 374

Chapter 375

Chapter 376

Chapter 377

Chapter 378

Chapter 379



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IGE 338 – 367

EDIT: Sorry, about repeat for chapter 338. Chapter 339 has now been changed and updated – let me know if you spot any more issues!

Edit 2: 341 also fixed.

First of all, Happy New Year. I hope everyone has had a fantastic year and here’s hoping 2018 will be even better 🙂

Second of all, I am sorry for the lack of updates and communication. I know that I’m a frustrating releaser – infrequent and inconsistent. For that I apologise – like with all things, real life issues often gets in the way. However, I want to make clear that I still haven’t dropped or deviated from my quota of six chapters a week. Any chapters that are missed WILL be caught up on. That I can promise.

Action is the most sincere form of apology so here are a stack of chapters that nearly catches up to all my missed chapters – if all goes well, I will be completely debt free (no more chapters owed ) by the end of this week.


Chapter 338
Chapter 339
Chapter 340
Chapter 341
Chapter 342
Chapter 343
Chapter 344
Chapter 345
Chapter 346
Chapter 347
Chapter 348
Chapter 349
Chapter 350
Chapter 351
Chapter 352
Chapter 353
Chapter 354
Chapter 355
Chapter 356
Chapter 357
Chapter 358
Chapter 359
Chapter 360
Chapter 361
Chapter 362
Chapter 363
Chapter 364
Chapter 365
Chapter 366
Chapter 367



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IGE Chapters 326 – 337

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An apology is nothing compared to action, so I’ve caught up on the last two weeks of updates that was meant to be released. Hopefully that will make up in part for these sporadic updates….

Chapters that was remaining – 12 to be caught up

Missed last week chapters plus this week chapters so 12 more missed.

Here’s twelve chapters that goes partly to let me try to catch up to my release schedule….



Chapter 326

Chapter 327

Chapter 328

Chapter 329

Chapter 330

Chapter 331

Chapter 332

Chapter 333

Chapter 334

Chapter 335

Chapter 336

Chapter 337



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Expect another big release at the end of this week 😀 Will do my best to make sure I owe very little by the end of the week.


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